Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Movies

This week's theme is Top Ten Movies, since that's another form of storytelling, just like books.

To begin, here are Claire's top four movies!

1. West Side Story (1961)
I am a major fan of musicals. West Side Story is a personal favorite, and just for some reason is placed higher than others on my favorite movie musicals list. It's an almost-faithful adaption of Romeo and Juliet, but set in mid-1900s New York City on the West Side. Instead of families, racism and gang violence keeps the two lovers apart. Their friends (and the gangs their friends are part of) can't accept Tony and Maria's affection for each other. 5 stars.

2. Double Indemnity (1944)
I watched this amazing noire movie a few months ago with my father, and I loved it. It's about an insurance agent who helps this lady off her husband for the insurance money, and the whole way through you can almost cut the tension with a knife. It seems getting away with murder isn't as easy as it seems, especially when a co-worker at the insurance company starts getting suspicious. It may not be everyone's type, but it made me nearly fall off my chair several times out of nervousness, and somehow got me routing for the cold-blooded murders.

3. Back to the Future (1985)
This movie might not be as high-class as some of the other movies on this list, but I really like '80s movies. This is just one of my favorites. (Just not the sequels. The sequels are terrible and should be burned) It's a really fun movie to watch, and tells the story of a teenager named Marty who accidentally gets sent back to the 1960s to when his parents were teenagers.

4. Casablanca (1942)
Another great movie from the '40s, this is a World War II movie about a bitter man who lives in Casablanca, remembering the woman who left him. Then, ironically, she shows up in his bar with her husband. It's one of the most quotable movie of all time, with quotes like: "Here's looking at you kid," "Play it Sam, play 'As Time Goes By,' "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." It's also got lots of sassy quotes I love, like “Remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.” “…That’s my least vulnerable spot.”

Now onto mine (Stella's) favorite movies! (In no particular order.)

5. 13 Going on 30 (2004)
So, unlike Claire, most of my picks are classics-in-the-making. And 13 Going on 30 is no exception.
This movie is about a thirteen-year-old girl who, like every other teenage girl in the world, wishes with all her heart that she could be, "Thirty, flirty, and thriving!" This comedic coming of age story ponders the question, "What would you do if you could rewrite your life?" by showing the teen community that growing up ain't all it's cracked up to be! With it's hilarious jokes, star-studded cast, and heart warming lessons, this movie will always hold a special place in my heart.

6. Spider-Man (2002)
I am a very big comic book fan. Ever since I was eight years old, I've had an infatuation with comics. And of course, being a big movie buff, seeing Spider-Man swing onto my TV screen gave me an over-whelming amount of joy. Spider-Man tells the story of young Peter Parker, who like any other kid, is trying to survive the evil, tumultuous, death trap that is... HIGH SCHOOL! Worse than any villain in my opinion! But when Peter is bit by a radio active spider he becomes the amazing Spider-Man! With all these new powers and abilities, he goes through many battles, with both enemies like the Green Goblin and himself. What I love about this movie is that Spider-Man is a character you can relate to. Rather than just being a super-hero you look up to, he is also a young man struggling with real world problems. Whether it be telling the truth to Mary Jane, his one true love, or maintain his on-again, off-again friendship with Harry Osborn, he lives by one motto. "With great power comes great responsibility."

7. Clueless (1995)
This movie, like 13 Going on 30, is the ultimate girl movie. It's just something that I will never get sick of watching. It's iconic quotes like, "As if!" and "Whatever!" are etched into my brain forever. The plot of Clueless is based off of Jane Austen's "Emma". The ditzy happy-go-lucky nature of Cher and her best friends Dionne and Tai make for a good laugh and all-around happy time. Plus, looking at some of their outfits is a fun blast from the past. Between the love triangles, the matchmaking, and the overall cluelessness will make for the best girl's movie night!

8. Aladdin (1992)
Well, this just had to be on my list! This was the first movie that I ever saw. I began singing "A Whole New World" before I began speaking! I can quote almost every line. Aladdin is a part of who I am. This Disney classic tells the story of a young street urchin, Aladdin, who is much more the he seems. A "diamond in the ruff" as some would say. He, along with badass princess of Agrabah, Jasmine, must save the city from the wicked sorcery of the vile villain, Jafar. Between the music and the animation, this is by far my favorite Disney movie ever! Jasmine is a refreshing change of pace from the other princess's and Aladdin is by far the most interesting and well-developed out of all the male Disney leads. And let's not forget about the Genie, with his "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS and an itty bitty living space!" When you watch the movie Aladdin you are in a whole new world!

9. Carrie (2013)
So this pick is unlike any of my others. This movie was based off of the horror novel by Stephen King published in 1974. This is also a remake of the 1976 movie-adaptation directed by Brian De Palma. Carrie tells the story of an outcast girl with a secret. She has the power to move objects with her mind. Shunned by her classmates and constantly tortured by her mentally insane, bible-thumping, fundamentalist mother, she lives a sad lonely life. That is until she is invited to go to the high school prom with the boy of her dreams. But when a mean girl decides to play a cruel joke, life for Carrie and the students of Ewen High will never be the same again. Although this movie is categorized as a horror movie, I believe it is so much more. It shows the repercussions of bullying and how one cruel joke, one mean person, can push someone over the edge and ruin a person's life. It also has some kick ass special effects and amazing acting by one Chloe Grace Moretz!

10. I Am Number Four (2011)
So my last pick is a teen action science fiction film that tells the story of a race of aliens that came to Earth after their planet, Lorien, was invaded by the evil race of Mogadorians. One by one they are hunted down and killed. Three are dead. This movie follows the story of Number Four. After the third Garde (an alien from his planet) dies, Four and his Cepan (guardian), Henry, move to Paradise, Ohio, where Four becomes John Smith. There, he goes to school, desperately seeking a normal life. He makes a friend, Sam, makes an enemy, Mark, and even finds love along the way with the beautiful Sarah Hart. As he grows attached to Paradise, he begins to realize that the Mogadorians won't stop fighting until each and every Garde is dead. I love this movie for many reasons. The main being that it is based off of one of my favorite books of the same name by Pittacus Lore. It's an intense, well-acted adaptation of the book and doesn't get nearly as much credit as it should.

Well there you go guys! These are our Top Ten Movies. I hope you enjoy them and that you will be sure to consider watching some of them when you get the chance. Happy Tuesday!

- stELla

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