Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tag 2. Hamilton Book Tag

I am so happy that this tag exists. I LOVE the musical Hamilton (haven't seen it because getting tickets is impossible, but I can sing the whole thing straight through). I highly recommend that people listen to the soundtrack, especially big book fans. If you love to read, you'll love the detailed narrative and historically accurate emotional turmoil.

But anyway, here are the books that most remind me of each song/prompt. I wrote this really fast, and just went with the first thing I thought of.

1. The Room Where it Happens (What is a book world that you would put yourself into?)
Obviously I have to go with the wizarding world of Harry Potter here, as long as I can be guaranteed that I get a spot in Ravenclaw. I mean, I know so much about the world that I might as well live there already.

2. The Schuyler Sisters (Who is a female character you think is underrated?)
I recently read this book called The Rook, and I loved the main character Myfanwy. Without giving away too much, she is really intelligent and badass. She is a super practical leader, but also is not scared of getting her hands dirty. I feel like no one on the internet book community ever talks about this book! It's adult fiction, and I totally recommend the book for anyone who likes intricate backstories (aka Hamilton fans) and a nice dose of fantasy and sci-fi.

3. My Shot (Who is a character that goes after what they want and doesn't let anything stop them?)
I'm going with Ananka from the Kiki Strike series. I loved this series SO MUCH when I was younger, and I must of read the first two books in the series a dozen times each at least (I was into it before the third book came out, so I never read it). Anyway, it's about a group of girls who, for lack of a better term, are secret agents, all with their own special skill set. Ananka's skill set is she reads a lot and can get by on pure determination. She's the only person who joins the group because she sought out the group and actively looked out for ways to make her life more exciting. If there's one character who won't throw away her shot, it's Ananka.

4. Stay Alive (Who is a character that you wish was still alive?)
This is the first of many spoilers in this tag. I really don't see any other choice than picking, from The Book Thief, (highlight for spoilers) Rudy. He gets brutally killed by a bomb at the end of the book when he's barely a teenager, and it's one of the few scenes in a book that never fails to make me cry. He was just so kind and spunky, but gets wiped out so fast and terribly. He still had such a full life ahead of him, like a certain Hamilton character we might know? Hmm? Hmm?

5. Burn (What is the most devastating relationship you've ever read about?)
I can't pick any relationship other than that of Hazel and Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars. If you don't know their story I'd actually be surprised, but even so I'm hiding the rest of this paragraph for spoilers. (highlight for spoilers) The ending never fails to make me cry. Augustus's death is one of the most tragic endings I've ever read. The fact that he leaves behind Hazel, the sicker of the two, to slowly die without his support makes it far worse. I want to cry just writing this.

6. You'll be Back (Who is the sassiest villain?)
I'm making a double exception here: first, I'm picking a character from comic books/graphic novels, and second, he does have his hero moments. I'm talking about Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. And you may say he's a hero, which I will usually agree with, but we both know he's had more than his fair share of villain story arcs. What's more, he is the epitome of pure sass.

7. The Reynolds Pamphlet (What is a book with a twist that you did not see coming?)
Just mentioning something about a twist is a spoiler. (highlight for spoiler) My first thought when I heard this prompt was of the book Red Queen. You get all your ships lined up, you grow a nice level of hate for the antagonists, you start to see how the protagonist can achieve victory, and then BOOM! All the cards are tossed in the air. You don't know who you can trust anymore. It was by far the best part of the book, and you can read my review of it here.

8. Non Stop (What is a series that you marathoned?)
I don't believe I've ever read a whole series straight through in one go, but I'm going to pick the Théâtre Illuminata series. I bought the first book in the series at a book fair, read it in one day, then went back to the book fair the next day and bought the second book! I then read the second book in one day too. However, I hated the second book so much that I got turned off and never got to the third one.

9. Satisfied (What is your favorite book with multiple points of views?)
I LOVE the Heroes of Olympus series, and my favorite book in the series is probably The Son of Neptune. It was great hearing from Percy's POV again, but then hearing Hazel and Frank also gave the book a fresh taste.

10. Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story? (What is a book that you think will go down in history?)
This is kind of weird, but I feel like some of the books from the Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones) in a hundred years are going to be some of those of those super long classics like Les Mis or War and Peace. I think it'll be one of those epic stories kids getting their majors in English will have to suffer through.


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